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Common-I Want You Video Trailer

22 Oct

Common-I Want You Video Trailer

Ashley Tisdale – Live – He Said She Said

22 Oct

Ashley Tisdale Live He Said She Said

Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day

18 Oct

Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day [New Video] *HQ*

New Britney Spears Leaked Songs – List

7 Oct

New Britney Spears Leaked Songs


Here is the list:


1. Fillin’ Me Up

2. Sugarfall

3. Love Is A State Of Grace

4. Radar

5. Stupid Things

6. Let Go

7. When You Gonna Pull It

8. A Song About U

9. Get Back

10. Kiss You All Over

11. We Can Do It (Get Naked)

Britney Spear – Radar – New Video

7 Oct

Here are Britney Spears’s new song titled “Radar” of her upcoming new album titled “Blackout” due out on November 13th, 2007. Check it Out!!!

Britney Spear – Radar

DL : Radar

And here are official remix version of Britney Spears’s new single “Gimme More”, this version featuring Lil Mama.

Britney Spears ft Lil Mama – Gimme More (Remix)

DL : Gimme More (Remix)




Avril Lavigne – Hot – New Video

7 Oct

Here are video premiere for Avril Lavigne’s 3rd single titled “Hot” of her new album titled “The Best Damm Thingnow in stores.

Carrie Underwood – Do You Hear What I Hear

7 Oct

Here are new Christmas song from Carrie Underwood. It’s titled “Do You Hear What I Hear” from the country Christmas album titled “Hear Something Country Christmas” is released in stores Now!


Carrie Underwood – Do You Hear What I Hear

DL : Do You Hear What I Hear

I do certainly love McFLY

7 Oct

This beauty in black is the yet unconfirmed supposed cover for McFLY’s Greatest Hits album.
Pretty sharp, but not my type, if you ask me.
The tracklisting, that’s more like it: (well, we don’t know yet if this is regular or deluxe edition, hope it’s regular)
1. Five Colours In Her Hair
2. Obviously
3. That Girl
4. Room On The 3rd Floor
5. All About You
6. I’ll Be OK
7. I Wanna Hold You
8. The Ballad Of Paul K [Orchestra Version]
9. Ultraviolet
10. Please, Please
11. Don’t Stop Me Now
12. Star Girl
13. Friday Night
14. Sorry’s Not Good Enough
15. Transylvania
16. Baby’s Coming Back
17. The Heart Never Lies
18. The Way You Make Me Feel
19. Don’t Wake Me Up
20. Five Colours In Her Hair [US Version]
21. You’ve Got A Friend
22. Memory Lane [Live At The Manchester Arena 2005]

Jay-Z Reveals ‘American Gangster’ Tracklisting

4 Oct


Although I could have sworn Jay-Z promised to retire just a few months ago, the rapper is back with a new disc called American Gangster. The disc is a soundtrack to the upcoming Denzel Washington film of the same name, and will feature 11 songs, one of which we’ve already heard–the Pharrell-produced “Blue Magic.”


‘Blue Magic’
‘Alright, Alright’
‘You Don’t Know’
‘And the Winner Is’
‘American Gangster’
‘Ignorant Shit’
‘The Demise’
‘I Get Money’ (Remix)

Give It Up, Give It Up – Erotica – Madonna

4 Oct

Erotica is perhaps the pentultimate fall album for me. And that’s saying a lot as there are a lot of them (as you’ll all be exposed to in the coming weeks.) I cannot talk about fall music without mentioning Erotica. It is the unlikely sister album to Simply Streisand. Both evoke such strong memories of my first year of pharmacy school that it is simply impossible to listen to either of them without thinking about that time.

I did a quick search of the blog to see which of the stories of Erotica I have told. I have told most of them. I’ve told of my disilluionment with Madonna around the time of Erotica, how I did not purchase it on the first day of release, how I didn’t really like “Erotica” the song, but eventually, I relented and purchased it on the Friday after its release. It is, quite simply, Madonna at her best. It was always my favorite Madonna record – nothing ever came close until Confessions on a Dance Floor was released. But even having said that, I love Confessions for entirely different reasons. While Confessions was a calculated move aimed at the dance floor, Erotica was Madonna being a mess and self indulgent and being fucking amazing at it.