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Give It Up, Give It Up – Erotica – Madonna

4 Oct

Erotica is perhaps the pentultimate fall album for me. And that’s saying a lot as there are a lot of them (as you’ll all be exposed to in the coming weeks.) I cannot talk about fall music without mentioning Erotica. It is the unlikely sister album to Simply Streisand. Both evoke such strong memories of my first year of pharmacy school that it is simply impossible to listen to either of them without thinking about that time.

I did a quick search of the blog to see which of the stories of Erotica I have told. I have told most of them. I’ve told of my disilluionment with Madonna around the time of Erotica, how I did not purchase it on the first day of release, how I didn’t really like “Erotica” the song, but eventually, I relented and purchased it on the Friday after its release. It is, quite simply, Madonna at her best. It was always my favorite Madonna record – nothing ever came close until Confessions on a Dance Floor was released. But even having said that, I love Confessions for entirely different reasons. While Confessions was a calculated move aimed at the dance floor, Erotica was Madonna being a mess and self indulgent and being fucking amazing at it.

Nicole Scherzinger & Lil’ Wayne Rehearsal

13 Sep

Check out this photo of singer Nicole Scherzinger and rapper Lil’ Wayne rehearsing for their VMA’s pre-show performance. Seems Nicole will perform “Whatever U Like” with Weezy as the main rapper. I’m sure it’s gonna be hot!!!

Britney Spears – Gimme More – VMA 2007 Performance

12 Sep

It is SO Funny, You have to chek this out

Hot Shakira

6 Aug


Since Shakira’s done with her tour, she has been all over the place. She can be seen just hanging out, shopping or out partying with the likes of Penelope Cruz. But this time around, she’s doing something that’s a little more productive by lending her face to endorse Panasonic.

She looks hot in the shots that were taken as a part of a series of commercials for the electronics brand. Is it me or did she get thinner? Not unhealthy thin but more like lean and mean thin. Like I said, she looks hot!

Let’s just hope she doesn’t turn out like her friend Penelope and flaunt it too much.

Wyclef on Lauryn Hill

4 Aug

Don’t expect a Fugees reunion any time soon or at all. A few weeks ago, Pras spoke on what he thought about Lauryn Hill. This time, Wyclef Jean is speaking out about his issues with the soul singer.

Lauryn has been sued, and lost, in the past for failing to give writing credit on her solo album. In the new issue of Scratch magazine, Wyclef rubbed some salt into her wounds.

He says he’s not going to do a Fugees reunion with Lauryn wanting to break the format of how things work. Lauryn thinks that she’s the producer so she can get credit for the work like she did when they did a remix for John Legend. Wyclef claims that Lauryn cannot produce a beat even if given a month to finish it.

Madonna New Album

28 Jul


I don’t know how close or how far to the truth this is but it’s still an interesting read. It gives some sense on where things are going.

Information has been leaked about the songs that Madonna has been working on for her new album. The tracks are still in demo stages and are unfinished.

01. Sleep Deprivation
02. Turn It Up
03. Going Down
04. Little Thang (feat Justin Timberlake)
05. It’s The Beat
06. Tight Fit
07. Black
08. Off The Hook (feat Timbaland)
09. Candy Store (feat Pharrell)
10. Eleven Minutes
11. Do I Care
12. Freelancer.34
13. U n M
14. Starlight
15. Hit It Hard
16. Got This Down Right