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BON JOVI – Hallelujah – Live 2007

30 Sep

BON JOVI – Hallelujah live 2007 – Amazing Song performed Live
I LOVE this song and he is the great singer

Nicole Scherzinger & Lil’ Wayne Rehearsal

13 Sep

Check out this photo of singer Nicole Scherzinger and rapper Lil’ Wayne rehearsing for their VMA’s pre-show performance. Seems Nicole will perform “Whatever U Like” with Weezy as the main rapper. I’m sure it’s gonna be hot!!!

Mya “Ridin” at R&B Live showcase

11 Sep

Mya performs “Ridin” at the R&B Live Showcase @ Spotlight Live, NYC

Kevin Federline on the microphone

8 Aug


People go to rehab for many different kinds of addiction. Is there a rehab for microphone addiction? If so, Wilmer Valderama and Kevin Federline need to go there and fast.

KFed was at Tao in Las Vegas this past weekend. He actually went there for two nights in a row. If seeing him there wasn’t unfortunate enough, Britney’s ex actually grabbed the mic and would not let go. He hogged the microphone and had it firmly planted on his lips all night long much like Wilmer did some time ago.

To make matters even worse, KFed was holding on to a fanlight which he kept pointing at all the ladies.