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Mariah Carey & Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Perform at NFL Kickoff

6 Sep

Mariah Carey performed at Rockefeller Center in New York for NFL Kickoff 2012! Looking beautiful in a short black dress,

Mariah Carey is giving a mini-concert before her televised live performance of "Triumphant (Get Em)" with Rick Ross and Meek Mill,

Mariah Carey & Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Perform at NFL Kickoff – Video

Madonna Half Time Show Super Bowl

6 Feb

Super Bowl halftime show – and she brought along some friends.

LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee Lo Green assisted the Material Girl at various points of the 12-minute performance, which began with her entering like Cleopatra and singing “Vogue.”

NFL Super Bowl XLVI 2012 Half Time Show (HD)

M.I.A. at Super Bowl Halftime in HD

Super Bowl halftime show – Madonna, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee Lo Green:

madonna-and-nicki-minaj-Super Bowl 470_MIA_middle_finer_120206_470264

Madona,  Super Bowl Lmfao-madonna-super-bowl-halftime-show

madonna-mia-nicki-manaj-super-bowl-halftime-show Madona, Cee Lo Green Super Bowl

Avril Lavigne – Hot – New Video

7 Oct

Here are video premiere for Avril Lavigne’s 3rd single titled “Hot” of her new album titled “The Best Damm Thingnow in stores.

Adam Levine and Maria Sharapova = LOVE

11 Aug


It may very well be the thing that would turn every girl or guy or gay off. Whether it’s for Adam Levine or for Maria Sharapova is up to you. Either way, I’m completely turned off.

Maroon 5’s front man Adam Levine recently went on the record about dating, and having sex, with tennis sensation Maria Sharapova. Here’s what he had to say:

“She wouldn’t make any noise during sex. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. I really thought, like a lot of guys, that she’d be the loud screaming type. But instead, she just lay there like a dead frog. She even got angry if I started to moan, said it ‘ruined her concentration.’ It was so disillusioning that I went on Paxil for a month afterwards. Really, it was much more of a shock than when I found out there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny.”